Shanelle Loraine

Shanelle Loraine wikipedia page is not up yet. 

The buzz around professional pool player Shanelle Loraine doesn’t seem to let up. Her obvious charm and class have helped Shanelle stay at the top of all pool players internet searches. But what is really known about the half Filipina beauty? There is not much more than the incomplete Bio’s and short interviews. We know that she was born March 25th, 1982 (which makes her an Aries) in Misawa, Japan and grew up in Guam. She stands at 5’1” and long dark brown hair with golden brown eyes. [ Definitely a pool hottie! ] She started playing pool in 2000 in florida. 

What about what Shanelle is doing in 2014! Will there be another “Battle Of The Beauties” by Dragon Promotions? Will another younger female pool player rise up and challenge Shanelle for the “Hottest Pool Player” title?

Maybe she will sign more endorsement deals like she did with Cream Silk.

Hopefully we get to see more of Shanelle in the near future as she is great for the game of pool. Much like Tiger Woods, Shanelle transcends her great professional pool stats. Her coverage outside of the pool world helps bring in new pool players. Which helps bring in more sponsorship money to professional events, not only for the women professionals but also the men. Shanelle’s interest in more than just 9 ball also helps bring attention to the many different games that are in the billiards world, like 10 ball and Trick Shots.

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