Efren Reyes

Efren Reyes, also affectionately known as  “Bata” and also “the Magician,” is actually a world champion Filipino pool player, considered to be on the list of all time best at 9-ball and also one-pocket pool. He was crowned as the first ever non-American to get a victory the US Open 9-Ball Championship after defeating Nick Varner in 1994. Reyes has earned World Championships with both the 8-ball and 9-ball pool, gathering the actual WPA Men’s World 9-ball Championship in 1999, and also the first ever WPA Men’s World 8-ball Championship inside of 2004

Reyes was born in the town of Pampanga in 1954 and then relocated to Manila along with his family, around the age of 5. When in Manila, he worked as a pool worker at his family’s pool hall.  This is where it all began for “The Magician”.  It is here where he soon started mastering the knowledge associated with billiards. During 1995 Billiards Digest Magazine referred to Reyes as the Player of the season. The year after, when Reyes had been rated number one for the U.S.’s Pro Billiards Tour, the June 1996 publication of the journal highlighted a opinion poll of billiards pro players,, billiards authors, industry associates and alike to select the best player throughout billiards in a variety of types. The writers at Billiard ended up naming Reyes as the most effective one-pocket player in recent history.

Living the life of a pool player provided great benefits to Reyes.  In the year 2003, Reyes had been showcased within the Filipino motion picture Pakners.  Last year, Reyes won his 5th title during the 12th annual Derby City Classic as all round champion, helping to make him probably the most triumphant player inside the tournament’s historical past.  These acheives have by far cemented Reyes as one of the greatest players to ever hold cue.  Many people say that he is the Michael Jordan of billiards, he is always one step ahead of the competition.

Efren” Bata” Reyes is actually acclaimed as the Safety Master. Being an passionate enthusiast on tv or even in real games, you may think that he’s basically running the table, arranging shots and also winning the overall game. Plenty of people are generally amazed with regards to exactly how he plays the game so effectively and make it seem so simple. They don’t really understand that Reyes’ billiard game is definitely well well suited for safeties. When you look at it a lot more carefully, you will discover that not all his shots tend to be 100% on the offense.  The main reason lots of people understand it just after the shot has been created is really because he’s got an incredible mind. He is able to observe plays other people usually ignore. As you’re watching on television, the commentators are generally stunned and also blown away any time he pulls off an incredible shot along with a backup safety to boot. Most of the time, his competitors will not actually look for what he just did. This is exactly what helps make Efren “Bata” Reyes an excellent player.

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