Enrique Iglesias

Whenever you think about successful Latin music superstars, one particular name immediately comes to mind: Enrique Iglesias. The son of a successful musician and performer, Iglesias has rocked the English-speaking music business in many ways than one.

Born in Madrid in 1975, Enrique’s childhood was initially spent in Spain.  He along with his brother had been sent to live with their own dad, performer Julio Iglesias, inside Miami around 1983. That could have been the time his desire for popular music begun and also progressed.

Because of the release of his very first lp in 1995, Enrique identified himself as in some ways a bit of a sensation. The album sold over half a million copies inside the initial week alone. This truly is an extraordinary feat, not only for an unknown artist but particularly for a non-English language recording.

His following cds went on to fare a lot better than any person, even Enrique, anticipated. He also established a devoted group of fans, the majority of whom did not even have an understanding of his Spanish vocals. A number of his tracks have made an appearance in tv shows as well as in movies.

Throughout 1999, Enrique crossed over in the English-language music market place in reference to his fourth lp, Enrique. There have been quite a few noteworthy Latin performers within the English language charts during those times, so Enrique’s breakthrough as a crossover musician gained him a great number of brand new followers. Since his first English language release, Enrique has created albums both in Spanish as well as English.

Since his growth to popularity, this down to earth super star has appeared to live a golden life. His cds have all recently been well accepted, making him one of the very few Latin American crossover musicians to relish long standing success. He has performed an additional challenging crossover through acting in a number of tiny roles, which includes one particular with Antonio Banderas in the motion picture Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

Enrique Iglesias is just about the greatest promoting Spanish language pop star on the planet. He has accomplished a record busting 16 number 1 tracks on the Billboard Latin chart. His own albums have sold more than 55 million copies. His popularity stretches all across the world, also in locations where the main language is neither English or Spanish.

Not too long ago, Enrique performed throughout the United States for that MTV Video Music Awards special. He picked up over the crowd by performing his latest songs from the new album titled Euphoria. The audience at MTV was totally in love with him. Immediately after his performance, he was awarded a spot on Britney Spear’s tour.  But a lack of communication made him pull out of the summer concert.

Enrique leads what could possibly, inside the music business, be described as a private life. He’s got a long term sweetheart, European tennis star Anna Kournikova, and he suffers from hardly any unfavourable publicity. When he was falsely accused by Howard Stern of lip synching, he instantaneously performed live on Stern’s radio program in order to clear his name. He keeps a wonderful natured and favourable public image regardless of having been in the spotlight for more than a decade.

It’s difficult to visualize this super star feeling that he should make improvements to his craft, nevertheless he has already been offered as proclaiming that he is always determined to produce better music. He is definitely a motivated and driven musician who is going to carry on and seize hearts and minds everywhere across the planet as his star power carries on growing.

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