Phoebe Cates

Phoebe Cates is one of the most celebrated actresses of our time. She has starred in some of the most memorable films Hollywood has ever produced, and her talent doesn’t stop there. Phoebe Cates is also an accomplished musician and entrepreneur. Currently, Phoebe Cates operates a boutique called Blue Tree, which sells many rare and exotic items in addition to affordable items like toys for children and vintage LPs.

Many members of Phoebe Cates’ family were also in the entertainment business. Her father, Joseph Cates, was a celebrated broadway producer. He was also an innovator in television, developing incredibly successful, innovative shows such as The $64,000 Question. Her uncle, Gilbert Cates also worked in the entertainment business, and produced many different TV programs, including many Academy Awards shows.

Phoebe Cates made her film debut with the movie Paradise, which was released in 1982. When filming Paradise, Phoebe Cates was only 17, and performed many scenes while entirely nude. After completing filming, Phoebe said she felt entirely taken advantage of, and has no interest in ever making a film like Paradise again. In fact, Phoebe was so upset that she refused to promote the film in any way.

After the troubles with Paradise, Phoebe Cates made her breakthrough performance in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, a film considered to this day to be a classic. Rolling Stone Magazine said the Cates vehicle features “the most memorable bikini-drop scene in history.” After Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Cates continued her success by starring in Private School, a comedy film. Phoebe Cates sang two songs for the film’s soundtrack, which were met with great critical acclaim.

Later in her career, Phoebe Cates decided to focus on more modest, family-oriented films. The most famous and successful of her endeavors is the film Gremlins, which spawned many sequels and other franchise developments. Gremlins was a creature feature that was scary and fun, but not too graphic or explicit to make it inappropriate for small children. In addition to the Gremlins themselves and the great story, Phoebe Cates’ performance was praised as one of the best aspects of the film, and one of the best performances of her career.

Throughout the early 90s, Phoebe Cates continued to star in different roles to expand her portfolio as an actress. A few years later, Cates decided to retire from acting to raise her children and spend time with her family. She did shoot one more picture in 2001 called The Anniversary Party. She starred in the film as a favor to the director, Jennifer Jason Leign, who is her best friend.

Today, Phoebe Cates focuses her time and efforts on her boutique on Madison Avenue in New York City. Cates says that she feels just as happy running her store as she does making movies, and that going into business for herself has always been one of her life goals. Phoebe Cates truly possess the aptitude to excel in everything she does, and it will be exciting to see where she goes next.

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