Benjamin J. Cayetano 

Benjamin J. Cayetano was born in November 14, 1939 in Honolulu Hawaii. Do you know who he is? He is the first Filipino who became the state governor of United States. He is the sixteenth state governor. He lost his mother when he was very young. His father raised him up. His hometown was Kalihi, an ethnic Filipino in Honolulu. He studied Farrington high school nearby his house. The name of this school was derived from the Hawaiian statesmen. He was not at good in his studies. He got poor grades during the time period when he was in Farrington high school.

The discipline in his school was well maintained and the teachers were very good. He could hardly manage the passing marks until his graduation after doing his graduation he married his sweetheart, who studied with him in high school.  He started his career in 1959 after the birth of his son.

He did many jobs in America but he became frustrated by the racism. He went to Los Angeles in California with his family and started to study law in 1963. He joined Hawai`i Housing Authority by Governor Burns in 1972. He was elected as the state governor of United States in year 1994.

He faced many fiscal problems during his tenure. The economic condition of Hawaii was worse at that time. He faced this economic uncertainty with clever mind. He made many plans to recover from poor economic conditions. Opposition criticized him but he never loses hope. He had a positive approach which helped him to take correct decisions. He implemented various reform movements in the state government. He gave the priority to education and opened many school and colleges. He reduced the size of state government in order to reduce the expense.

He reformed the tax laws and gave relief to the common man. He also did reform movement in order to eradicate the racism which he faced in his lifetime. He started many research and medical institutes for the welfare of citizens. He holds the highest rank by a Filipino American. He increased the salary of teacher by adding seven days in school calendar. So that teachers can get a good pay.

In year 1999 the economic condition of Hawaii became good. He raised the economic growth. His remarkable work has brought stability in the economy of the Hawaii. This is still going on. He always kept in mind the sake of general people while making any decisions. His reforms helped the common people. This way he served public of his nation.

He is such a great personality, he knew how to save money and reduce the state budget.  He opened many public schools by cutting the state budget was honored for his remarkable service for public University of the Philippines, awarded him with the degree of doctorate of law. He also got a lifetime achievement award by UCLA Edward A. Dickson Alumnus. Overall he is a great human being who has love for all. He served his countrymen and marked his position in pages of history.

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